Militancy: 1200 schools closed in Swat

November 27, 2007

She, a B.A. student, wrote that it was her dream to complete her education before her marriage, which was expected next year, but all the educational institutions forced to close and girls threatened to not attend any school, college or university which ruined her life and career and wasted one precious year.

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Complete of them

October 31, 2007

Place for all the stories, articles, blogs, books, and other stuff written by Abdulhadi Hairan, Afghan journalist and writer. Here you find an inside view of what is going in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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Swat, Pakistan: From Heaven to Hell at the hands of extremists

October 28, 2007

Once known as paradise on the earth (at least for Pakistanis) for its natural beauty, tourist spots, ancient heritage and peaceful people, Swat Valley has now become stronghold of the pro-Taliban militants who have destroyed nearly all music centers, net cafes, barber shops and other markets of the area

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Music Under Attack

October 11, 2007

Militants in Pakistan want to destroy all Pashtoon assets, including their music and culture.

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Deadline for Whiskers

October 4, 2007

The group has set a deadline and its head said that if Mr Khan tried to flee the area, they will set his home ablaze.

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My Life in Madrassa

September 23, 2007

Then came the day I left home and went with my uncle

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Only for people

September 19, 2007

‘How a big fool you are! I give speeches to people not to you…’ He did not listen more as the words of the woman poured into his ears ‘What he preaches is for us, not for you’.
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